Are you ready to explode your sales and make a lasting impact on your industry?


Let's work together to leverage your influence and expand your empire.


I've been a fan of Jessica's business programs for years and finally had the opportunity to join.  Trust me when I tell you she's underselling her ability to transform both your business & how you generate consistent revenue.  Just a few weeks into her program and I'm already experiencing the transformation in my own business that drove me to seek her out for professional expertise.

In addition to Jessica's innovative approach to business growth, I'm most impressed with her grace, unmatched listening skills and genuine desire to understand what her clients' underlying goals & authentic needs are.  If you are ready for a business breakthrough - this is it.  She will change how you think about your business, how you structure your offerings, your methods for generating leads and (most key!) how you CLOSE those deals and begin to change your clients' lives.  Her approach is different than any I have seen in the marketplace and it works.  Jessica is THE business strategist I recommend!


Discover why breaking free is critical to your business breaking through!

Oh, hello!  Welcome to the big, bad world of online launch marketing!

No matter what you're trying to launch - a book, masterclass, consulting services or some combination - can I take a guess on how you're feeling right now?

Not great.

Right!?  It turns out that launching and marketing products is exhausting.

You want to leverage your influence with online offers that scale your brand easily - but the truth is you're just not sure if you know how.

Or maybe you do know how but you're just not into the exhausting amount of time and resources it takes to get one offer up and running.

You're ready to succeed and have that major breakthrough in your industry.  Now.

Here's the good news.

I know what you're offering or dreaming of offering is amazing.  And I know exactly what you need to do to transform your business and convert your loyal followers into paying clients.


Hi, I'm Jess and I'm so glad you're here!

Hi, I'm Jess and I'm so glad you're here!

For more than 9 years, I've helped top influencers and entrepreneurs catapult their success by monetizing their expertise with online products.

Whether they love beauty, fashion, health, food, wellness, interior design or something else, their personal brands have transformed into 6 & 7-figure businesses with serious impact.

Through targeted research, savvy marketing, top content and cutting-edge strategies, I've discovered what succeeds (and what doesn't) in today's highly-competitive online market.

I know handing over this portion of your business can be incredibly scary,  but I also know you have to cultivate a life outside of your launch!  Get back to what you love and leave the rest to me!

Here's what happens when we join forces...

First, we'll team up on your call and get laser-focused...

  • How can we design and monetize online offers that appeal to your audience?
  • ​What high-ticket offers can we leverage to explode your sales goals?
  • ​What systems can we implement that will run on auto-pilot
  • ​How are you using your star power to drive sales?

Once we have a solid game plan and you feel this is a match made in heaven, we'll chat about how I can implement the strategies we brainstorm during your free call.  From there - my work begins and you get to go back to the brand and business you actually love.

Yep - you'll go back to the passions and powers that led to your success in the first place while I design and launch premium, high-ticket offers that work for you.

And the best part?

As soon as I have the information I need to craft your exclusive offers, all you have to do is sit back and watch as your sales goals are easily met, then doubled, then tripled.

Leverage your influence.  Grow your empire.  Start today.




Jessica and her team have been immensely helpful to the growth of our business.  They helped us scale out our lead generation programs by offering a done for you service that helped us save a lot of time and focus on the things that matter - our prospects and our clients.  We were able to generate more than 20 quality high ticket sales calls in just the first month working together.  She's always available to brainstorm or chat.  It's been helpful in so many ways but the biggest takeaway I took from Jessica's programs were solid sales strategies that helped us optimize and convert more ideal clients and ultimately helping people find more fulfillment in their careers.  I would do the program again in a heartbeat and recommend it to coaches and consultants who need help scaling out manual processes on LinkedIn that can't be automated with automation tools.



Jess supported me to launch my new blogging membership site and helped me reach my goal of enrolling 100 people in my first launch.  Jess is always there whenever I have a question or doubt to not only help me set goals and keep me motivated but to help with all the technical side involved in creating, running and of course advertising, marketing and ensuring people sign up for my courses.  I love how she has also hooked me up with a network of support for me and my team so we always have an expert to go to with any question whether big or small.  I recommend working with Jess if you desire to hit huge goals in your business in a much faster time-frame than you would be able to otherwise with much less stress.


What will change after your business breakthrough call?


Understanding the value you bring to your business is immeasurable.  Identifying and owning what sets you apart and how to channel that passion into premium offerings will explode your sales and launch numbers.


Stop trying to be an imposter!  You already have influence over an audience who loves you.  There is no reason to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on additional courses or programs that promise to makeover your personal brand.  You are your brand!  And you are amazing!  Let's take what makes you you and leverage that!


Break free from that always expanding to-do list and never-ending inbox.  I'll launch your premium offers and programs while you dive back into the parts of your business you actually love!  You'll be making money while traveling the world, spending time with your family - even while you sleep!



About Jessica Nazarali

I'm a business consultant, coach and strategist who's passionate about helping leading influencers expand their brands and realize their full potential with custom online offers.

Over the last 9+ years, I've built a multi-million dollar business on my own terms while jet-setting between two different worlds:  bustling Sydney and stunning Bali.  And I've helped many more women reach the same success.

What I do works because my genius captures your genius.

In one call, I'll show you how your expertise and 'it-factor' can be transformed into online assets your audience loves - from courses, masterclasses and information products to books, coaching programs, consulting offers and more.

That way, you can expand your business AND have the time to work more deeply with your dream, high-level clients.

My team and I take the entire process off your hands, so your business thrives with new streams of income.

You get to focus on what you love, and I get to focus on what I love -- revolutionizing your business for more wealth, freedom and impact than ever before.

Leverage your influence.  Grow your empire. Start today with your free breakthrough business call with me to see if we're a good fit.

We'll discuss where you are now, how to achieve your goals and if we hit if off, I'll also share more information about my services.

You don't have to do it all to have it all.

Schedule your call now to start strategizing your perfect launch plan.

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